Kompetenz-Zentrum für Integration

Competence Center for Integration Plauen

Cafe Salam

It opens daily (Monday to Friday), a place for meeting and welcoming refugees in a friendly and comfortable environment. It’s a good place for strengthen the relationship between refugees and local people. The coffee shop is aimed to spread positive vibes .In addition to offering coffee, tea and cake, there will be daily cultural contributions. Starting from music, crafts and handicrafts up to discussing different topics. It’s kind of an open meeting for cultural diversity. It’s also open for any individual, private or common projects.

Cultural Hub

This is intended to bring the refugees / migrants closer to our country, as well as the life in the Vogtlandkreis, and to take another step towards integration. By this further efforts are done, precisely the linguistic communication is upgraded. It is important for us to engaged refugees as much as possible in all activities. Learn about each other and learn more about refugees’ homeland, their customs and traditions as well life in germany with our customs and traditions. So we get into dialogue.
This is not only develop a better mutual understanding, as a result of which friendships, fears and prejudices are reduced. Integration means active engagement in social life as well as with people living here.
Project overview:
- Daily meetings in friendly environment among all people living here.
- Regular leisure activities and common events that tighten the relationship among people, so they can learn from each other and live with each other.
- Cultural and educational exchange.
- Recommended programs that focus on certain fields.
- Boosting the language.
- Women’s afternoon programs that include childcare.
- provide projects for students.
- provide workshops on daily basis in Collaboration and support by our partners.


- Getting friendships or godparents
- The language not only taught theoretically in german courses but also practice it for a better outcome and successful integration.
- Talking to each other and not talking about each other so that getting to know each other better
- New assistants are interested in the volunteer work.
- Migrants are more integrated into society.

Educational Project

Tutoring sessions:
The facilitators/volunteers help in homework through daily contact so that the cultural life in Germany becomes closer.
Dance, music, movies, singing and cultural workshops are also available, depending on which topics are introduced in cooperation with schools and partners.

Project overview:
- Tailor daily teaching strategies (pedagogy) based on the elementary curriculum education
- work independently and support children and adults
- Teamed up with other institutions (schools, educational institutions, etc.)
- According to the new Integration Act of 05.08.2016, women having children are also obliged to take a german course (we provide tutoring for women including childcare)
- Assignments assistance for children
- private lessons for children with adults also in their turn "children help children" and "students help students"), this boosts their friendship and  social connections in spare time.
- Leisure activities through a weekly changing schedule.
- Teaching normal educational activities, playing learning e.g. Morning circle, discussion
- Sports activities
- Helping with conflict resolution and awareness sessions.
- Provide basic ethical values ​​(tolerance, courtesy, equality)
- Women programs are only given at afternoon.
- Daily life
- cultural and urban presentation (for example, city tour)
- life-support related to their own living place (for example, home visits).

- strengthen self-esteem and self- reliance
- promote civil engagement
- Increase equal opportunities in the school and career path in germany.
- Prevent crime and violence.
- advance steps for visiting local facilities*
- Intercultural competence training and conflict management
- provide leisure activities.

German course

Learning german language is an essential prerequisite for a successful integration.
On Tuesdays and Fridays, the Competence Center for Integration in Plauen offers the opportunity to learn the german language at all levels.
The courses are free and the participants do not have to fulfill any conditions of participation. Parents can attend the course, since we have different care options for children during the course.

Arabic course

we provide the opportunity to learn the Arabic language two days per week. The lessons are in group work by professional guidance.

English course

we provide the opportunity to learn the English language two days per week. The lessons are in group work by professional guidance.

Sport Project

Boxing Plauen

This is provided for children, men as well as for women and each group is separated from the others.

Communication behavior, self-assurance and self-confidence are important in the boxing situation and it can be trained.
The basic principles of boxing are trained by the professional trainer three days per week.

Ping pong Group

This is provided for all interested people.
Ping pong group at the Competence Center for Integration meets twice a week and it is open for all. Players will be supervised by the members of the Vietnamese cultural association.

Krav Maga

This is provided at the moment for women only.
 A fighting sport Krav Maga is provided as a self-defense course at the Competence Center for Integration. The corresponding techniques are relatively fast to learn and are easily attainable in dangerous situations, even without regular training for two hours per week. If required, the time can be extended.

Swimming course
This is provided  at the moment for women and children only.
 Do you want to learn swimming? We provide you swimming course by learning to swim in small groups with TSV Plauen 1990 e.V.

Learn to ride  bicycle
This is provided at the moment for women and children only.
Within a saved place, we offer young and adult women the opportunity to learn how to ride a bicycle. Upon request, bicycles can be provided at the "Charity-Bike" project.

This is provided for all interested people.
The game is a combination of badminton, squash and tennis to a new sport, which is now played worldwide.
It is two times per week between the open air of the Competence Center for Integration and an indoor gym.


DIY Workshop

Creativity and self-reliant workshop

The workshop is an additional program for families that is done on the afternoon in our meeting center, it allows parents to participate in the projects with their skills and hobbies. They can, for example, take an active part in the preparation of workshops.
In addition to that a lot of talented immigrants from the Arab world are living among us and can have effective contributions to our workshops. So, they become permanent part of our society.

 Self-reliant workshop provides the possibility to independently carry out minor repairs of equipment as well as house and garden equipment. Bicycles can also be repaired or reassembled in the workshop. The necessary tools and other related materials are available and free of charge in the workshop.

Art and creative workshop
In the art and creative workshop, one can deal artistically with different materials. This creates great things and new ideas in the field of art. The offers are here for children and youth as well as for adults.
In collaboration with schools, associations, organizations and educational institutions creative and diversified workshops are to be created regular basis.
-strengthen language skills
-Intercultural exchange
- create something with the "own hands"
- Boosting the harmony in society

Bicycle workshop

Hand in hand with the Competence Center for Integration in Plamag Plauen.
 Bike-Workshop is about gathering and fixing bicycles, for using it again by people in our region that seeking affordable prices. Furthermore, we provide place for repairing bicycles so that people can come for fixing their bicycles as self-service or by technician and it is free of charge.


Bike-Workshop helps to forge the social ties between refugees and local people, since it aimed at helping those that are financially unable to pay to have the chance to get one.
 You can also support Bike-Workshop, the project depends on donations. In-house and bicycle donations can be held at the Competence Center for Integration, in House 3 and House 5, in PLAMAG.


Without the incredible potential of volunteers that are dedicated and socially committed people, the municipalities, states and the regional government could hardly look after the large number of people.
Voluntary work has the highest priority in our humanitarian commitments. That is why, together with the country, the city and the partners, we want to provide voluntary aid at the Competence Center for Training and informational events. Information, such as, For example, dealing with trauma and important guidelines with which the assistants are informed about. There are certain procedures and laws that are important in working with refugees. Assistants know it very well and the commitment is praiseworthy and nevertheless there are criteria which must be adhered to.


Project overview:

- Training on regular basis is done with the support of authorities, country and city, as well as organizations and associations.
- networking meetings and discussions on regular basis.
- Cultural exchange and education
- Information on the respective points and on the different religions
- Orientation sessions
- provide consultancy for refugees and immigrants
- Mediator for contacts
- Boosting social connections
- Provide leisure activities

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